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Twin Cities Pioneer Press
In these parts of France, the Great War will never be forgotten
14 July 2018
Los Angeles Times
A great way to break it up
27 October 2019
Arizona Daily Star
Savannah's historic homes, strong cocktails and more
29 September 2019
Los Angeles Times
A Key to the city? Close...
15 September 2019
Standard Speaker
Hostess city of the South
Discover gentle manners, strong cocktails, historic homes in Savannah
1 September 2019
Detroit Free Press
Savannah, bless your heart
City is full of beauty, good manners and some killer cocktails
18 August 2019
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  it's my passion.

I’ve been writing about travel, the experience and the industry, for over 40 years. Most of my current work has been for newspapers in the U.S. and overseas, but it has also appeared in magazines such as Travel and Leisure (, Conde Nast Traveler (, Men’s Health, and Real Simple. I’m a frequent contributor to the Los Angeles Times and the Tribune Publishing Company. I am also the founder emeritus of Airfarewatchdog,com, now operated by TripAdvisor.

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