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Singapore and Switzerland: Islands of calm in a time of global uncertainty
17 January 2020
National Geographic Traveler
Charging Rules: Why the "Rule 240" strategy may not work anymore, and what you can do about it
March 2012
Los Angeles Times
A great way to break it up
27 October 2019
Hemispheres Magazine
Europe on the slow track
Jan 1997
The Korea Times
Renewing lifelong love affair with Paris, London
13 April 2019
San Antonio Express
Trip to Japan can provide what's missing back home
14 March 2019
Men's Health
101 Tips for smart travel
Oct 1996
Out Magazine
The Myths of Mykonos
May 1997
Houston Chronicle
What to expect on an African Safari
25 May 2014
Victoria Advocate
It's time for overselling to take flight.
7 May 2017
Detroit Free Press
Destination is pefect if you're on a budget
9 Apr 2017
USA Today
It's time to rethink frequent flier programs
25 Dec 2016
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  it's my passion.

I’ve been writing about travel, the experience and the industry, for over 40 years. Most of my current work has been for newspapers in the U.S. and overseas, but it has also appeared in magazines such as Travel and Leisure (, Conde Nast Traveler (, Men’s Health, and Real Simple. I’m a frequent contributor to the Los Angeles Times and the Tribune Publishing Company. I am also the founder emeritus of, now operated by TripAdvisor.

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